Ed has been presenting live music for over 35 years at the regions most prestigious venues including The Backstage, Paramount Theatre, Bumbershoot, Summer Nights at the Pier, the Triple Door, Benaroya Hall, and many more prior to creating the live music program at Sea-Tac International Airport for the Experience the City of Music project.

Ed’s on-going commitment to support local musicians, led to the creation of GIGS4U which is dedicated to connecting the most talented local artists with venues and programming throughout the Northwest from city parks to popular community events and more.

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Ramona Grotte

Programming Director

Ramona who has immersed immersed herself in the rich music scene that is uniquely Seattle has partnered to build the largest, and most prestigious artist roster in the region. This sizable and eclectic roster of the most talented local artists in the Northwest can partially be attributed to her close relationship with the music community. Ramona has the experience & ability to connect the right artist with the right client, every time.

Ramona has experience booking over 7,500 live music events for GIGS4U. As an instrumental player in the development of the Live Music Program at Sea-Tac International Airport she is a highly respected recruiter, with a great reputation for organizing successful live music events throughout the Northwest.



A life-long lover of all genres of music, a founding member of the former Broadway Jazz Club in her native Albuquerque and a veteran of music-related organizations and festival production, Margaret brings over 35 years of experience as a bookkeeper and office manager to Gigs4U. While not a musician, she has long been dedicated to promoting the success of performers and spreading her love of music to her community.

Karen "KZ"


Karen “KZ” joined the Gigs4U team in 2015, and is often spotted around town while serving as a Gig Manager in the parks and in the airport. She also operates behind the scenes as Social Media Manager.

Since transitioning her professional experience as a recruiter and community organizer into promoting local music and advocating for musicians, KZ has been committed to creating opportunities to bring local music to more ears everywhere.