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This week we proudly feature singer-songwriter, Kristin Chambers. Chambers’s most recently released Kissing Ghosts, a 10 song LP featuring her most accessible and experimental material yet. We caught up about her 5th Annual Snow Globe Christmas concert, her childhood, and her favorite teaching moments.

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How old were you when you first attempted to make music? When did you realize it was your passion?
I started singing at 9 and never stopped. I spent my childhood through high school singing in every choir and show that was available to me. If there wasn’t one I’d make one up in the living for any poor family member that would watch!  My early professional career was in theater, which led me to New York. Creating my own music wasn’t until after I realized I didn’t truly love musical theater. It was just something I knew how to do. It didn’t mean I loved it thoroughly. I wanted to be a creator of what I was singing. It took a while to start songwriting, but it has become my favorite part of being a musician.

You released “Kissing Ghosts“, a 10 song LP, in October. It’s haunting, it’s whimsical, and it’s distinctly modern. How long did it take to write and produce the record?
Kissing Ghosts is really different than anything I’ve released, for sure. This was purposeful, in that I wanted to experiment with different sounds, sonically. All of my other albums are all true instruments. Kissing Ghosts is clearly a bit more in the box and groovy at times. I wrote it over the course of a year and then it took another to get it out to the world.

I am glad it comes off as haunting and whimsical- that’s the whole spectrum of who I am. It is really a set of songs about things I have experienced…my life in the past. The ghosts are unfinished stories/voices that kept coming up. We all have them. Maybe they’re not quite done, or you wish you had said something different…left earlier…didn’t let a situation go so long.  I feel good about the piece, but am always ready to write more.

You’re a teacher as well as a performer. Has that impacted your music? Tell us about one of your favorite teaching moments.
I have been teaching voice and piano for about 10 years. Teaching and playing hundreds of songs has only furthered my understanding of song structure and helped my writing. It’s impossible to come up with one favorite moment, but overall I just love seeing the “aha” moments with the little ones. When the light bulb goes on about an aspect of music they didn’t know or understood before. I have watched many students that are shy really benefit from lessons in other areas, as they conquer their stage fright for recitals and gain confidence. That’s super rewarding too!

You’re hosting your 5th Annual Snow Globe concert at the Royal Room in Columbia City this Friday, December 20th. How did this series start? What can your audience expect?
The Annual Snow Globe Concert started as an album release for my Christmas album Snow Globe four years ago. The album has 5 originals and 5 classics on it and was produced by Eric Eagle. It was such a fun festive show we decided to do it again the the next year, and I added a food drive. Then it became a true benefit for Northwest Harvest, and this year I made it into more of a variety show with guest performers!

The show is traditionally festive fun that’ll warm even the grinchiest heart. There’s quite a range of music this year so there’s really something for everyone. From Charlie Brown Christmas music to original folk Christmas music, Indie Pop XMAS, classic Christmas standards too. We are raffling a guitar signed by Mike McCready as well!

Guests include Tekla Waterfield, Debbie Miller, Birch Pereira, Mack Grout and more. One ticket equals upwards of four meals for Northwest Harvest! Get tickets | Get info

How long have you worked with Gigs4U? How did that come about?
I think I am coming up on  a year and a half. I just had seen the company name on social media and I knew some musicians that worked for them. The gigs always looked fun and I know I wanted to play more gigs.

How has working for Gigs4U impacted your life?
Playing weekly has really helped my piano-playing confidence overall. I have a lot of stage experience with singing, but with my original solo music, there would be long periods in between performances. Playing at the airport has been so amazing for me. I didn’t expect to meet so many lovely people, and to feel like I am providing a really cool service to travelers. The airport is filled with all kinds of energy: good, nervous, but rarely neutral. What an interesting place to play, and feel like you have calmed someone or just made their wait a little more bearable. Also what the heck are people playing my CDs on?! They buy them there!

Anything else you want to talk about?
This was a really big year of putting out music, promoting and playing shows. I have felt really supported and want to thank Gigs 4U and everyone that has been along for the ride.

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