Spotlight: Young-Chhaylee

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This week we’re proud to feature Everett musician, skater, and gregarious showman, Young-Chhaylee. Young-Chhaylee has embarked on nationwide tours, released his debut EP First up last year, and has a lot of new music to share in 2020. We talked about it all.

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How long have you been playing professionally? Was anyone in your family a musician? Who helped you get started?

I’ve been playing professional for 2 years and my momma sang in an all Cambodian band. Tyerall Berry, a childhood friend, really started me on my journey writing songs. I started playing guitar when I was 12 because my sister wasn’t using it.

You released your first EP “First Up” last year. It’s a smooth listen, so soulful. Beautiful stuff. How did that come together? Who did you record with? Who played on the record?

It came together by Craig Suede pushing me to get the songs that I played on stage in a recording so folks could listen when they wanted to. I recorded with Ezekiel Lords over at Echoes Studio in West Seattle. Reuben Woodruff played drums, Ryan Teal played guitar, Alex Baron played bass, Hannah Abrams sang harmonies, and Evan Captain played Rhodes all up on it.

When did you start working with Gigs4U and how did it come about? 

I started working with Gigs 4 U in July of 2018 and the company reached out to me by a recommendation from Karen Zamm and whoever else. I said, “Yeah, I’m down to do it.”

What is the most interesting/weirdest thing that’s happened during one of your performances at the airport? 

A young woman who stood next to me while I played and was just swaying front to back. I was real confused but then realized she needed me to be playing to make the airport easier to deal with.

Anyone who knows you knows you love skateboarding as much as music. When did you start skating? Does it influence music at all?

I started skating when I was 10 and skated hard trying to get that scholarship for 5 years but was also playing football at the same time and progressed equally at both. Skating plays a larger role in my character than music does. It doesn’t necessarily influence my music but does influence how I treat my colleagues and helps keep me creative. Skateboarding is the most creative sport and keeps my mind in motion to think up new ideas for everything.

You’re playing this Saturday, January 25 at Tim’s Tavern with Jed Crisilogo & The Sun Killers and Lovely Colours. What do you have planned? What should the audience expect?

Just a killer show with some buds. Everyone should expect a lot of laughter and fun. Even if they don’t vibe with the music, fun will be had and emotions will be felt.

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You’ve toured and released a lot of music. What advice would you give to younger musicians just starting out who want to give a music career a shot?

Define what type of career you want. What you want to do with your music and what it is for yourself so you can figure out your first step. It’s difficult. More difficult than people expect. Disappointment, doubt, frustration, and feeling stagnant happen frequently. It’s a long game and may never bear fruit. If it’s what you do then it doesn’t matter what you get out of it. You just do it despite your achievements or accolades.

Any other shows/new releases/tours/etc. you want to talk about? Where can we find you online?

We just recorded a gang of singles at Hazy Bay Studios so they’ll be hitting the streets this spring along with new merch and all that. Nothing else to report. @youngchhaylee is the handle for all social media, Venmo, CashApp, Paypal. Send funds for more fun stuff!

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