It was a great experience to be part of Seattle’s first Annual Upstream Upstream Music Fest + Summit,  May 11th to May 14th.  Upstream, which featured more than 300 artists, was just one of many new opportunities that Gigs4U will be able to offer our musicians this year. With many new clients and venues signing up with us we can’t help but look forward to a summer filled with live local music throughout the community!

It was exciting to be the largest  “Guest Curator”  for the first Upstream Music Fest + Summit with over 50 pop ups, concerts by busker musicians at various locations across the 3 day festival! We loved seeing our talented musicians performing in businesses and on the sidewalks throughout the festival. There were so many inspirational and lively performances filling the streets of Seattle with music.

Upstream Music Festival seemed to have music for all tastes and performances around every corner. There was definitely a “Summertime is Here!” vibe (even under the sometimes rainy skies) all week-end in the downtown neighborhood!

Michaud Savage Playing in Occidental Park’s Galleries

Some of the performances over the festival included:

The acoustics of 12 year old Beni Bryant who drew quite the crowd at Girin Steak House.

Beni Bryant at Girin Steakhouse for Upstream Music Fest

12 year old Beni Bryant drawing a crowd at Girin SteakHouse for Upstream Music Fest + Summit in Pioneer Square Seattle #Seattle!#musician #singer #wonderkid.#publicspaces #entertainment #musicforeveryone #allgenres

Posted by Gigs4U on Friday, May 12, 2017

And the Harmonic Blues of Andrew Landers performing at the Iconic Zeitgeist Coffee

Posted by Bill Bungard on Saturday, May 13, 2017

And the Soulful Sounds of Champagne Honeybee at the Davidson Gallery

Champagne Honeybee at Davidson Galleries for Upstream Fest

Two Champagnes in #PioneerSquare #seattle for Upstream Music Fest + Summit!Champagne Honeybee at Davidson Galleries.#livemusic #everywhere #entertainment #anyoccasion

Posted by Gigs4U on Saturday, May 13, 2017

Thank you so much to all the musicians, venues and Gigs4U staff for helping us make the impact we did on this years UpStream Music Fest! It took a lot management, organization and set up to pull together the substantial Gigs4U presence at the Pioneer Square festival but it was all worth it, because community is much much better when music is in the air!