Gigs4U offers many stages for our musicians to perform and the opportunity to play in front of diverse audiences at venues and events both public, private or corporate events.

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We are a Team!


Cell Phone

You need to be accessible.  In a business where circumstances can change very quickly the ability to communicate with one another at a moment’s notice is imperative!

Samples of your Music

You will need to provide a portfolio of your work we can review to determine if your act is a match for Gigs4U clients. Good quality video and audio are paramount as we will be presenting this to our clients when they are choosing  music for their programs and events


Please be prepared with several references. We vet every one of our musicians on the quality of their music and their reputation for showing up on time and holding to commitments. You must appear in appropriate attire and show respect for your audience and our client at all times.

Great Attitude

We are a team! Gigs4U seeks to get you solid work by promoting your talent.  As one of our performing artists you are given the responsibility of representing Gigs4U and our clients when you are out in the field.  Being on time, in good spirits and ready to pull off a great performance is what we need from every artist.

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