Q: Why work with Gigs4U rather than on our own? Will I ever be expected to play for “exposure”?

A: Gigs4U is committed to making sure our performers are compensated for their work. Due to the unique nature of our programming, we bring our artists paid gigs that will “expose” them to new fans who they might never come into contact with. We specialize in working with public and corporate clients who are presenting ongoing music programs as well as special events and festivals. While we have to work within our clients’ budgets, we will negotiate a fair fee for you and, in many cases, make sure you are also able to receive tips and/or sell CDs or other merch.

Q: How does Gigs4U work for musicians to get gigs?

A: As a Gigs4U performer, you will be included in the roster of musicians that we present to clients. We offer our expertise to help you increase your chances of getting chosen by clients for gigs. When possible, we will obtain photos/videos to help with marketing on your own website as well as to present to potential clients to help get you gigs. Gigs4U has a strong social media presence which will be working for you as well. We also encourage our artists to promote our clients’ events on their own social media to ensure success for everyone. Not to mention, you will be a part of the Gigs4U community which often results in tremendous opportunities!

Q: How will we get paid?

A: We will pay you by check on our regular weekly pay rotation so you won’t ever have to worry about when or where you will get paid. You have a guaranteed rate plus, in many cases, you will be able to sell merchandise and collect tips thereby earning quite a bit more cash. Gigs4U advocates and negotiates a fair and agreeable fee for our artists within our client’s budget in exchange for all performances. We will always look for the win-win-win so that all parties are satisfied with the agreement. We want you to get paid to play!

Q: What about taxes?  

A: You will be working for Gigs4U as an independent contractor and will need to give us a current W9. At the end of the year we will send you a 1099 covering all the gigs you play for any of our clients. You won’t need to be juggling multiple tax statements from a bunch of different clients – it’s all in one place. Also, we are fully licensed and insured which protects you when you play for any of our clients.

Q: Are these gigs promoted through press or social media?

A: Gigs4U will help you promote your gigs through our calendar and our own social media outlets, as well as making sure promotional materials are available to our clients for use in press releases and other types of promotion for their public events. We encourage the participation of our family of performers to promote themselves and their fellow Gigs4U members on their own social media &etc. In addition, check out our blog for ideas and articles on ways to improve your success as a performer.