Gigs4U Artist

There is a lot of Good News for our Team of Artists


Gigs4U is committed to the success of our artists. Whether that means getting discovered by more fans, earning a living or increasing your exposure, Gigs4U will provide you the guidance and support you need to reach your goals. Want to play with Gigs4U? Sign Up Here!


Our unique brand of programming ranges from private events, community festivals to corporate events, exposing Gigs4U artists to new fans every day! In addition, you will have the opportunity to perform at multiple venues in front of diverse audiences. And last but not least you will always be paid for your performances.


Our clients include SeaTac International Airport, Downtown Seattle Association, Seattle Parks & Recreation, Amazon, Microsoft, Harbor Steps, Friends of Waterfront Seattle, Seafair, Columbia Tower, Motif, and Whole Foods just to name a few – our clients are always looking for great talent to wow their audiences.  


Gigs4U has a comprehensive roster of the most talented and professional musicians and performing artists in the Pacific Northwest. As a Gigs4U artist you will be on our exclusive roster and we will vigorously promote you when your genre fits a venue.


Gigs4U, the fastest growing live entertainment company with over 2,100 gigs booked in 2016.

Gigs4U creates PAYING gigs for performers of all genres. Local musicians will be exposed to audiences who otherwise might never hear their music, making new fans and generating additional income through their Gigs4U salary, CD sales and tips. We offer many stages for our musicians to perform on and the opportunity to play in front of diverse audiences at venues and events both public and private. Last year alone, we paid out $350,000 to local musicians, with artists collectively earning over half a million dollars last year in wages, tips and merchandise sales. Join our artist roster and get paid to gig!” ~ Ed Beeson, Founder, Gigs4U


There are lots of Good Reasons to Play with Gigs4U. Here are a Few….
  • Paid gigs curated by Gigs4U.
  • You will always know how much you will get paid and when.
  • Exposure to new audiences and new fans.
  • Promotion of your Gigs4U performances through our website calendar and social media.
  • Cross promotion opportunities with venues you perform for at their website.
  • Increased social media attention with our extensive social media network.
  • The potential opportunity to be included in press events.
  • You will be an independent contractor making tax time much easier to deal with because we provide you with one 1099 covering all the gigs you play for any of our clients.
  • The opportunity to sell merchandise and collect tips at your Gigs.
  • The support of the Gigs4U music community!