“Music washes away the dust of everyday life” –  Berthold Auerbach

Music is an inherent part of being human, and our live music programs have a special way of connecting people and transforming an ordinary situation into something extraordinary. Most of our clients use our live music services to enhance the experience of people who are already at their venue as their guests, customers, vendors, visitors, and employees.

Gig (gĭg) – noun: A live, public performance by a musician, or other type of entertainer.


Live Music Programming with Gigs4U is a great way to support, encourage and promote talented local musicians by allowing them to perform in front of audiences that otherwise may never hear music that they will love.  At Gigs4U we are proud of the huge roster of talented local musicians that are hosted at our many venues throughout the city.  Encouraging the discovery of local talent benefits everyone in the community while supporting the careers of hundreds of local musicians!

It Rocks For Parks and Public Spaces

When Seattle wanted to make it’s parks in the urban core more welcoming and vibrant, the Downtown Seattle Association brought Gigs4U on in 2014 as part of their efforts to “activate” two of Seattle’s downtown parks. Since then this partnership continues to increase the number of park visitors (particularly families), reduce illegal activities and improve the attractiveness of the downtown Seattle parks.