Spotlight: Aline & Wes

Spotlight features interviews with musicians and industry professionals who contribute to our success.

This week we are proud to feature Aline and Wes. Aline Vida is a world traveler, pursuing her passions across the globe before finding her way to the Gigs4U roster. She and her collaborator Wes Speight are set to release their debut EP Lavender Lemonade on Friday, November 15th.

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How long have you been working with Gigs4u? What led you to sign up?

ALINE VIDA: I’ve been working with Gigs4u for about 2 years. I signed up because I saw the range of audiences that could be reached by having an advocate that understands the importance of music and culture.

How long have the two of you been working together? What prompted you to start this project?

AV: We’ve been working together for about a year. We  have a mutual admiration for each other’s vocal tones and musical/artistic sensibilities.

WES SPEIGHT: Last year I decided to do more co-writing and collaborating. What actually sparked that was working with Patrick Galactic live and a little on his next record. I’ve produced a couple of albums in the past for other artists and thought it was time to get back to collaborating. That morphed into forming two bands and releasing two EPs.

How long have you been playing professionally?

AV: I’ve been playing professionally since I graduated from college. It all began in Los Angeles, California. Then Stockholm. Then New York City. I’ve had a chance to experience all kinds of audiences and metropolises. Ive been singing literally since I was a baby.

WS: Since 2008. I got to work with Jon Stinson who really helped me launch my career as he not only produced my first record, “Please EP”, he believed I was a good songwriter, which up to that point, I couldn’t be certain. 

Your new EP is called “Lavender Lemonade”. It certainly inspires a lot of images. Can you tell us a little about the album and what inspired the title? 

AV: Some of our music’s inspiration is drawn from societal challenges such as homelessness, inequality,  and racism. The title of of the EP is derived from the Color Purple movie/book’s  theme and the idea that lemonade can be made from the most bitter of experiences.

WS: When we were deciding on a name, Aline came up with it. I liked it and tried to convince her to set up a lemonade stand. She declined but the music remained. In all seriousness, the meaning is real and deep as Aline stated. I’m glad to be a part of something that will hopefully shed more light on the human condition, that we can all be better and that we don’t have to be products of the past. 

Your release show is November 15 at Hollow Earth Radio. What should our readers expect from your performance?

AV: You should expect vocals like no others. Soul and Rock. /Aline

WS: They should expect my breath to smell like a 12AX7 tube amp, my fingers to flow o-positive, and my eyes to float like a salamander holding a samurai sword of love and piece-meal.

Who is your favorite Gigs4u performer to watch?

AV: My favorite is probably Kimo (Muraki). Kimo‘s  energy and lyrics are very spiritual. I’ve seen him gain the attention of crowds with his tone, range, and lyrics. Not everyone is able to do this. It shows a level of groundedness .

WS: TBASA, Aline Vida and Patrick Galactic.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned as a musician? Good or bad?

AV: The most important lesson I have learned is that you must really understand and accept how subjective an audience tastes are. I was once a standby for the famous Showtime at the Apollo Show. They filmed three different live tapings in the same day. After each competition, they would have a different audience. So, let’s say the first crowd loved the violin player. The next crowd did not like the violin player and chose instead the human beat maker. The crowds tastes had nothing to do with the entertainers’ level of talent. I saw all three. They were all different. Your level of confidence must not be impacted by subjective tastes. You must love music with your entire core and being. If you don’t, you should do something else. You won’t be able to endure the ebbs and flows. 

WS: “I’m not here this isn’t happening.” –Thom Yorke “Who gives a f*ck about an oxford comma.” –Vampire Weekend 

What is your favorite song from the EP? I know they are all your babies but which one do you get most excited to play?

AV: My favorite song is probably “Still Want More.” I love the underlying message and I love the way our voices sound. And yes, they are all my babies. I believe in every one of them.

WS: The energy of “Our Work Is Never Done” makes it a really fun song to play. It is also strong lyrically being the condition at which everyone can relate with, even nihilist.

Is there anything else you’d like our audience to know?

AV: I’d like you to know that I truly believe in a successful future and with that belief, we can always appreciate evangelists who get the word out about what we are doing. I love to travel almost as much as I do music. The more people share that they want to see us, the more our expenses will be covered and we will be able to.

WS: We hope to have our music streaming on the ultra-cool red dwarf star TRAPPIST-1 by next year. 

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