Spotlight: Katrina Kope

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This week we’re proud to feature multi-instrumentalist and multi-project pioneer Katrina Kope. We talked about Katrina’s intense workload, her wide selection of different projects, her upcoming music, and much more.

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How long have you been playing professionally? Was anyone in your family a musician? Who helped you get started?

I have been playing professionally for about 21 years now. My first “professional gig” was a family friend’s wedding. I sang and my mother played piano. My parents both play music. They met in a college and played in a band together. My Dad played trumpet, guitar and sang. My Mother plays piano and sings. Also, my grandmother played the organ and sang at her church. I grew up in a household hearing my mother teaching piano lessons everyday.  I would have to say she was a big part in helping me get started. She paid for piano and vocal lessons until I went to Cornish College of the Arts. She has always been very supportive and encouraging in my pursuit of music as a career.

You play a LOT and in a variety of different projects. Can you tell us a bit about each one and where we can hear more?

Besides performing original songs and re-imagining pop tunes on Ableton or just the piano and voice at the airport and various festivals and venues (WATCH), I do play in a lot of different projects. I love writing, recording, performing, collaborating, and being a part of the music community.  Here are all of the projects I am currently in:

I write and sing in a band called Purr Gato. It is an original darkwave synthpop band that uses synths, Ableton, drums, and vocal effects. I play with my husband Tyler Kope, Devin Bews, and more recently with Alyssa Martini. We like to play festivals, fundraisers, parties and work with visual artists. We are almost finished mixing our 3rd album and really excited about it. You can find more info at and view our latest (WATCH).

I’m in the Blood Moon Orchestra which is an improv band consisting of a rotating cast of top female musicians in the Seattle area. We write down topics from the audience, pull it out of a jar and make it up on the spot. We book on the full moon of every month at a different venue around town and the supporting acts are female fronted bands. Our next show is at The Central Saloon on Feb 9th with Maya Marie and Nicolle Swims. Here’s a clip from our April moon show (WATCH).

Another improv night I am a part of is an electronic night called The Up-Shot, held every 2nd Wednesday at the Sea Monster Lounge (WATCH). I also occasionally host Marmalade, a funk jam that happens every Thursday at the High Dive. Sometimes, jams just happen at festivals like this one (WATCH). I love to improvise. It’s like going to church for me.

I’ve been in a cover band called BowieVision for about 6 years now. We play all over the NW and sell out shows because well, Bowie is Awesome. You can find more info at

I recently joined a 1920s themed electro-swing band called Good Co. They play original music as well as covers turned into a 1920s feel. The band’s next album release is on March 20th at Club Sur (WATCH).

I play with Devin Bews at the Sorrento Hotel and Vito’s using jazz samples, hip hop beats, and effected vocals providing music to lounge and drink to.

Other bands I perform with are Klozd Sirkut (electronic funk, WATCH) , Jazz Underground (Big band, WATCH)  , Levels of Movement (EDM, WATCH)  and a few jazz ensembles.

I also collaborate with various producers, djs and bands writing songs that sometimes get placed in video games, tv and played on the radio. The most recent project I released music with is ELYXR.

When did you start working with Gigs4U and how did it come about? 

I started working with Gigs4u in March of 2019. I learned how to use Ableton in December of 2018 and wanted to do more solo performing. I knew a lot of friends that worked with Gigs4u and they all really enjoy it. I felt it would be the best place for me to get better and put myself out there, not under a band name.

What is the most interesting/weirdest thing that’s happened during one of your performances at the airport? 

A couple of professional ballerinas waiting for their flight put their stuff down and danced beautifully for a few songs. Twirls, lifting each other up in the air…clearly they were professional. It was amazing to see. I had the biggest smile on my face and they brought tears of joy. To watch people stop and take in the experience was delightful.

As you mentioned, you spend a lot of time making music with your husband. How do you manage to separate the business from the personal when writing and doing band business?

As with any project, we schedule time for writing and time for business. When in a relationship in a band, there needs to be a balance of spending time together and “music business” time.

You’ve released a lot of music. What advice would you give to younger musicians just starting out who want to give a music career a shot?

Immerse yourself in music. Do it because you love it, not because you want to get famous. If you have an ear for it and talent, it is a gift to share. Listen and figure out what it is you love about music. Work with people, jam with people, learn from people, learn your gear, write as much as you can, play as much as you can. When writing, don’t try to make a “hit” song, just let it unfold the way it wants to, and just keep writing.

Any other shows/new releases/tours/etc. you want to talk about? Where can we find you online?

Purr Gato’s 3rd Album TBR 2020. You can find music samples of all my projects and a calendar of upcoming events on my website at, like my page at, and follow me at

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