Spotlight: TBASA

Spotlight features interviews with musicians and industry professionals who contribute to our success.

This week we are proud to feature singer-songwriter, raconteur, and Gigs4U cornerstone, TBASA. Tim Basaraba’s sci-fi bedroom pop has evolved greatly over the course of nine releases. His contributions to the Seattle music scene are many: in addition to being a prolific songwriter, Basaraba has also been a booker, radio show host, comic artist and movie critic, among others.

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What brought you to music? 

I started singing in church at the age of three and never looked back. It is the only thing other than talking that I do well.

You make no secret of your Idaho roots. What was it like growing up there and what made you pick Seattle?

Growing up in Idaho was strange, looking back. But at the time it seemed normal. Guns and gun racks, animal heads on walls, front lip full of chew. My bandmate and I decided that we would go to Seattle and become rich because it was 1996 and of course we were better than anyone.

How long have you worked with Gigs4U? 

Coming up on five years now. One of my Facebook friends told me to apply, I did. Really glad I listened because normally I don’t listen to other people.

You’ve managed programs, been a gig manager and a prolific performer with Gigs4U. Besides performing, what has been your favorite role?

Other than performing, my favorite role was booking the 50th U District Streetfair on two stages. Giving opportunity to super talented acts to perform in front of thousands of people was very rewarding. Plus I got to drive a golf cart around.

You were glowing in that golf cart.

I really was.

As TBASA you released “Caffeinated Funeral Songs” earlier this year. It’s a beautiful record. What was influencing you as you wrote it? 

Thank you for saying so. It is the second part of the album released before it. Focusing on being shorn of artifice and re-creating what swirling in my mind with music. I recorded two tracks at Earwig studio the rest were done at home.

Who is your favorite Gigs4U performer? What about them moves you?

My favorite Gigs4U performer is myself but a close second is Gretchen Yanover. Whenever I’m walking by her performing it creates a soundtrack to the movie that is my life. It is because of her I do a 45-minute instrumental portion of my set during the three hour lengthy airport shifts

Anything else? 

Yes. The only way I would ever be involved in an organization like this is if I trusted the people who created it. I do, so I am all in with Gigs4U.